FAQs – Graduate & Professional

Q. What is involved in editing a thesis, dissertation or academic article?

As a thesis and dissertation editor, my goal is to enhance the structural integrity, readability and writing quality of your work as well as to help you to satisfy your committe’s requirements and achieve a successful defense.

As an editor of academic articles, my goal is to ensure that your material is accepted for publication.

In both cases, I revise, clarify and refine your text so that it is glitch-free, error-free and of publishable quality.

Theses, dissertations and academic articles are copy edited for grammar, vocabulary, flow, and clarity; some of these works may also require a degree of substantive editing, which addresses strucutre and the development of ideas. I attend to technical details such as capitalization and spelling style and can perform a style check at your request. You will have the option of having your document edited in TRK, which allows you to track all the revisions.

Samples of Graduate Work provides examples of scholarly works I have edited and will give you an indication of the attention to detail and standard of excellence you can expect from me as your editor.

Q.  How much time do you need to edit a thesis, dissertation, or academic article?

Although I have edited a 70-page thesis in four days, I often begin working on these projects with students a month or more before their due date. Several edits (or one substantive edit and a final proofread) are commonly involved.

Academic articles for publication (20 to 40 pages) usually take between four days and a week, although a quicker turnaround time may be possible if I am given adequate notice.

Q. What is the time and charge for editing a thesis, dissertation or academic article?

The time it takes to edit and review a thesis, dissertation or academic article per page depends on the quality and complexity of the material.  My average time is 20 minutes per double spaced page, although I can edit 6 very well written pages in an hour. Conversely, poorly written disorganized work can take one hour per page.

I can edit several pages of your document in order to give you an estimate of the charge and sample of my work before we begin to work together.