Editing Format & TRK

Bold Text Guide:

Bold text indicates that text has been revised extensively or a word/phrase/sentence has been added and needs your ‘okay’. Bold text in square brackets [ ] offers an alternative word/phrase/sentence to the word/phrase/sentence that comes immediately before it (and is also bolded). I offer alternatives when I’m not entirely sure of your meaning – slight shifts in wording can create slight shifts in meaning.  Sometimes I’ll use ‘OR’ or ‘BETTER’ to indicate an alternative.

Questions, comments and notes are also bolded and in square [] brackets.Curved brackets () are meant to stay in the document.

Underline and coloured text are used to highlight important points or problems that need attention.

How to Use TRK:

For Word 97-2003: TRK is a program located at the bottom of your screen in Microsoft Word which tracks all changes made in editing in color.  It is one of four boxes in shadow on the same line as ‘Page’ and ‘Sec’.  Right click to turn on and off.

For Word 2007:  TRK is located on the Review menu. Left click to turn it on and off, left click for options.

Note that the coloured text with lines through it refers to original text that has been deleted by the editor.  Coloured text without a line through it is new text that the editor has added and black text is your original work.

To review a paper edited in TRK, just make sure the program is turned off.  Then proceed to delete text as you go through the paper.  Should you want to change the options for colors and formatting in TRK you right click once the program is turned on – but you probably won’t need to do that just to review your paper.

When you are finished reviewing the paper, turn on TRK and then copy and paste your document to a new file.  You will lose all TRK formatting and all text will be standard black.  If TRK is turned off when you copy to a new file, you will carry over formatting.

Word Comments Feature:

This feature is a box of text that provides comments on highlighted text.  Place your cursor above the highlighted text and the box will appear.  To delete the highlight, just delete the number at the end of the highlighted text.  Or, use the ‘Comments’ menu on your toolbar, highlight the text again, and click on delete.