Why Hire Me

I work with college, undergraduate and post-graduate students in all disciplines and am familiar with many curricula and course texts. My focus is always on quality work and ensuring that my clients achieve their intended goals (i.e. grades, funding, or an interview).  As an editor of theses, dissertations, and articles for publication in academic journals, I ensure that your work is clear, seamless and of publishable quality. As an undergraduate essay editor, I correct grammar and sytax, clarify awkward or unclear sentences, and edit for transitions and flow.  As a writing coach, I augment your understanding of your reading materials, teach you how to organize your material and develop your ideas, and strive to improve your mastery of writing. As a resume/cover letter editor/writer, I consider it my job to get you a job. I am also frequently called upon to help students create distinctive,  persuasive personal statements for university applications and have a proven track record in this genre.  Finally, my editing experience extends to business communications such as business plans, marketing materials, and web content.

My command as a writer is broad – extending from the dry and factual to the descriptive and creative – and includes academic, business, journalistic and creative writing styles.  I have considerable expertise in the social sciences (political science, women’s studies, sociology), but am equally adept at editing scientific/technical documents and promotional materials.  The associates who work with me are capable editors and writers who contribute their own special skills and knowledge to the company.  Please see About Gayle for more information.