1) I have known Gayle for almost ten years as she has edited a number of academic papers and projects for me. She is incredibly professional, timely and efficient with her editing. I trust her eagle eye to help review all my important work and will not work with any other editor. (In fact, I am a little afraid to write this testimonial because it might increase more of a demand on her already thriving business)

As academics, we are considered experts in our field. However, I believe we often forget that being an expert in Education, for example, does not mean we are also experts at editing our own work. I consistently work with Gayle to edit important articles. She has also helped to put the final touches on my dissertation. It is much more economical to do this first rather than receive a reply from a journal requesting revisions prior to their acceptance of the article, or have to negotiate editorial changes with a graduate committee.

Gayle is a person who seems genuinely interested in advancing my work, not just reviewing it and attaching an invoice. She provides important critical feedback in an encouraging manner to ensure a polished and professional paper. She always goes above and beyond my expectations.

As such, I am truly honoured to have an opportunity to work with her. Amy Parent, Doctor of Indigenous Education

3) Hi Gayle,

Wow!! This is amazing! I just finished reading through each and every [website] page you submitted and they are all very helpful!You are a great writer and have provided me a wonderful service! I will definitely keep you in mind for future work.

Sarae Jemera, SK Events


4) I am a foreign doctor applying for medical residencies in North Americans.  Gayle’s work on my personal statement helped me to get a total of 18 interviews from 8 different states in the northeast US.  My application was pretty strong overall – great scores, US clinical experience, good letters of recommendation, etc. The personal statement complemented it and I remember a few interviews where the program director mentioned my statement and said that they liked what they’ve read. Gayle made my thoughts clearer, stronger and more coherent. In something as important as a residency application, it is best to try to cover every aspect of it including personal statements because you never know whats important to the faculty who screens applicants. Not only did the personal statement help me get interviews but probably also helped me paint a more positive picture of myself. So that even before I get to meet my interviewers they already have a positive impression on me.

-Jess Dion, MD

I have known Gayle for over five years. Although there are dozens of editors, she is the only one I have in my phone, and I think she is the best. There are three things like about her. First, she is professional and has excellent languages skills and has good knowledge of different kinds of essays and essay requirements. You can count on always do her best and never miss a deadline, and her pricing is reasonable and honest. Third, she has a very high standard and her editing is very detailed. She does whatever is necessary to make your essay or document as good as it can be.
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专业专职论文编辑从业20年, 陪伴n 多学子完成一生学业论文编辑。 精通各种论文要求并能准确抓住得分点, 给论文最漂亮的装饰。 值得信赖,人品专一, 绝对超出你的预期和要求。

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